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Our parent company, , offers not only international call forwarding services, but many more unique and cost effective international phone services. It is to this parent site that all links below direct you! And you have available to you all the other services!

FREE to join and you can get paid from 12 to 21 percent each and every month for all your customers for the life of the accounts. We have agents still getting paid for sales made in 1999!

For those of you with your own existing business websites or who know how to build your own!!

Please know that should you already have your own working website, specific pages can be linked and proper credit awarded for sales of services. Our most productive partners have full information on their websites, but link only to the rates and secure signup pages. In this way, they are both afforded full commission credit and also have rates and changes administered for them regularly by Namada and/or the specific specialty carriers!

The most important factor in working with us is Residual Income.


Namada offers entrepreneurial individuals and companies access to unique services in the telecommunications world. Internet Marketing and Sales are our business. 99% of our business is marketing online. The world is huge and growing. And it is evermore connected. We welcome experienced online marketing people whether or not they know the phone business. The money is really made driving viewers to websites.
Please understand that we thrive on residual income, which is monthly payments for sales made only once! Online marketers – read more
NOTE: We are NOT MLM – multilevel marketing! We do offer referral residual, but only for direct agency referrals. Why? Please feel free to read our blog regarding the Lies of MLM

We offer serious consideration to all and will reply with commissions and related information including our agent agreements for services

Please be sure to include your full name, company name (if any), your home country and whether your interest is for international services, US services or both.

Also, please include any sales experience you may have had – especially if you are currently marketing telecomm services of any kind!

If you have a website, please let us know the url .

Finally, feel free to include any comments or ask any questions!
Please send us your email questions!!

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